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Module 2: Lubrication
Module 2: Lubrication


  1. Introduction to Machine life cycle
  2. Type of wear(Machine,Corrosion,Fluid wear)
  3. Lubrication Regimes
  4. Type of lubricant(Solid,Liquid,Semi solid and liquid)
  5. Important of  Viscosity grad, Oil film thickness and Other property
  6. Additive and Selection Lubricant for food grade oil
  7. Temperature effect with Lubricant 
  8. Standard of Cleanliness class level 
  9. Contamination Control in Hydraulic, Gear box and Transmission sys.
  10. Oil analysis and sampling area
  11. Type of Grease
  12. Grease property (Viscosity, Thickeners  and additive)
  13. Selecting and Using for food grade grease
  14. Type of Lubrication system(Manual, Automatic, Central LUB Sys.